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A wonderfully cinematic and compelling film directed by Richard Kelly and staring a wonderful cast headed by Jake Gyllenhaal and Jena Malone about a teenage boy turned superhero after a 6 foot tall rabbit helps him destroy the tangent universe that has been created, and save humanity.

Ultimately a sci-fi/love story, but one hell of a film at that!

(p.s. the pills were placebos)
Every creature on this earth dies alone.

Movie goer one: I didn't like it that much.
Movie goer two: That's cos you didn't understand it! Look it up in the urban dictionary.
by Shaf November 09, 2004
Used to refer to someone that preaches a cause with devotion to the topic. Taken from the use of the word Evangelist to refer to someone that preached the good work of the protestant church, usually in the form of a missionary.
Robert Scoble is SUCH a Microsoft evangelist!
by Shaf July 24, 2005
Anywhere east of I-35 in Austin, TX, in the five and a half (512 area code). In other words, east Austin, which, of course, is markedly less civilized and affluent than the western half. A good place to get jacked up - as well as str8 up got. Don't drive into this area in a phat ride with heavily tinted glass and gold rims, or some cholo might take a guage to your driver's side window - even at a stop-light.
"Biiiiiiiitch, we're ballin' thru E-to in this bitch-ass Impala we jacked, and nobody gives a shit! Whatuuuuuuuup?!?!"
by Shaf September 15, 2004
A term used whereby a program has been uninstalled or removed from a computer but still remains on there, usually in the form of registry keys or DLL files
1. I uninstalled that spyware program, but I still think that my computer is haunted by it.
2. After removing the home page hijacking program, I still found executables and DLL files that were haunting my computer after I'd removed it.
by Shaf December 28, 2004
verb - (1) to impose oneself upon another, often violently. (2) to acquire or procure something. (3) to offer something.
"Darrel be frontin' his crew."
"Janiquious tried to front some fu'z across da shtr8, but they popped his shit."
"Yo, Mane, let's front some ill seats to this game."
(sign) "Front shit!" - combination of meanings (1) and (2)
by Shaf August 02, 2004
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