Troy Hall on USC campus, room 303. George Lucas himself stayed in this room along with another man named Jeff during their sophomore years as students at USC. Story goes that both took a trip to Hawaii together and took a helicopter ride over the volcanoes one beautiful day. George saw a beautiful volcanic rock sitting in arms reach from the helicopter, he decided to grab it and take it back and set it in the room. Weeks later a tragic accident happened when Jeff picked up the rock and it spewed hot magma all over his face, deforming it forever. Jeff was secretly furious at George. After a while George became aware of this hatred. Time passed and due to the heavy toxins absorbed from the rock, Jeff was put on a breathing tube. On a rainy afternoon during move out, Jeff pulled his oxygen tube and died in room 303. Since then frequent occurrences are seen such as unexplained objects moving, pictures or objects falling from walls, faucets being turned on automatically, and furniture being constantly moved.
My girlfriend lived in this room and had a lot of problems with possessions going missing. She had the RA check out the room and when the RA found nothing she went to USC student housing, which they told her no other rooms were available. Since no destructive damage nor physical threatening issues were reported, they said there was nothing they could do. I myself witnessed a few weird things in the room...very scary. Haunted!
by George Jeff August 24, 2010
Used to describe world championship ugliness.
"You should have seen this chick last night bro, she was WICKED friggn' haunted kid!"
by Red right hand July 10, 2008
A term used whereby a program has been uninstalled or removed from a computer but still remains on there, usually in the form of registry keys or DLL files
1. I uninstalled that spyware program, but I still think that my computer is haunted by it.
2. After removing the home page hijacking program, I still found executables and DLL files that were haunting my computer after I'd removed it.
by Shaf December 28, 2004
The state a restroom/lavatory/toilet is in for a period of time (depending on ventilation), after someone has defecated within.
-- I gotta pee BAD dude.
-- Don't go in the bathroom, it's haunted.
by LudwigVan December 19, 2003
Obese Robot. Canadian. One uneducated in the subject of spelling.
That Eskimo Haunted sure is tasty huh Bosco?
by Tuna~ January 23, 2003

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