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a hickey
when somebodys suckin on your neck and they leave a mark
nigga dont leave no hater marks on me! what will my other nigga say? ;)
by cherry January 02, 2004
A Hickie - A hickie is a discoloration of the skin—a bruise, really—caused by prolonged suction of the mouth against the skin.

Called a 'Hater Mark' because only a person who wants to "mark you up" as proof that your are physically or sexually active with them, so you can't easily talk to someone else, is a Hater!

Also called 'hater bites' or 'tramp stamps'.
"Yo Joe, who gave you all those hater marks on your neck?!"

"My girl, who else? You know she jealous as hell."


"Dude! Don't suck so hard and put hater marks on me! I have church tomorrow and my Grandma will be there."
by mlandry0522 August 08, 2009
A hicky, a mark caused by someone sucking on an area of your skin
She got a fatty hater mark on her face. Too bad her boyfriend was on drugs while they were makeing out.
by emilyisace October 10, 2006
Another word for a hickie. Such as a "code name" so no one would know what it was.
Ray: Wtf, look at my hater mark. It turned purple.

Angie: Lol, sick dude.
by Raynebows August 21, 2011
When night club security put marks on your hand (Usually a black sharpie) signifying that you cannot have any alcoholic beverages
"Yea I got kicked out of the club last night for drinking a beer"
"They saw my hater marks"
by C-Whop April 26, 2009

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