A feeling quite opposite of love which can cause much hostility. It is associated with such things as war, jealously, and greed. It is often said on the spur of the moment, when not truly meant.
1)The act of war is the epitomy of hate.

2)"I hate you!"

"...No you don't, you love me."

"...Shut up.."
by Addiy March 29, 2003
Hate is what you put on your cereal in the morning. Then you eat it all up.
For hate = tasty.
by fedzMONKEY July 03, 2003
What I feel twards random people.
I hate him so much!!!
by Apul January 19, 2003
fuckin SHIT expressed in one's retarded yet sane gourd toward some motherfucker or fuck of any goddamn kind
thats what i want to do to my little brother

i hate the little bastard

i wanna force my mom (the bitch) to do it too

then force her to eat the little mother fucker's intestines

and then kill HER out of mercy

or, if she refuses,

kill the rest of our family with a hellish brutality unlike anything in this mother fucking world
by dick fucker May 23, 2008
You know you hate someone when you take a crap in their bathroom and pull it out of the toilet and proceed to wipe it all over the wall!
Someone actually pulled put their terd and wrote FUCK on the wall at this place I play hockey.
by Off-Beat podcast August 29, 2005
OMG you cant look up the word hate! You must know what hate means! Hate is a over the top and bad word.Your mum, dad, deranged auntie may have told you so.
Tommy: I hate school
Tommy's Mum: Hate is a over the top and bad word.
15 minutes later
Tommy's Mum: I hate cleaning!
Tommy: But you said hate was a over the top and bad word.
Tommy's Mum: Shut up.
by A_lil_girl_called_Geogi November 29, 2007
anal penetration: a discreet way of saying butt love.
my index finger made hate.
by robjohn November 13, 2007
The most useless thing in the world.

Caused wars, created the nazis, etc.
Good: I have noticed that a few african americans listen to hip hop. In my opinion, hip hop is not the best music genre.

bad: I hate those damn black people, and hip hop is not even music it's a bunch of noises and talking.
by Spikesy July 11, 2006

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