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australian origin- a general word for hot girls, said out loud to alert friends to look for the girl in question e.g at a shopping mall, at a party, out in public. pronounced "HAARSK"
dude check out that hask
she is hask
there is so much hask here
(upon seeing a group of hot girls) "HASK!!!"
by Andrew Lozenge April 20, 2008

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1. a better usage of the phrase "lol"
2. used when someone says something completely unfunny and you want
3. also used when you are annoyed as hell by someone and you want them to notice that what they are saying is not hilarious at all and they should go hide in a corner.
4. also used when someone is completely wrong but you are too lazy to tell them and explain to them how wrong they are, so you leave them with hask to wonder what in the hell it means.
5. also used when someone attempts to insult you and it doesn't work at all.
6. similar to tehe used by michael jackson
1.statement: "the world is going to end in 3,282 days!"
reply: "hask"
2.statement: "why is 6 afraid of 7?!"
reply: "hask"
3.statement: "your mom's so fat she gets baptised at seaworld!"
reply: "hask"
by joanna c. November 11, 2007