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A small town where everybody is miserable, though they'd never admit it. People here are bitchy and idiotic. Everyone thinks they're right about everything, and even when you know they're wrong and they know that they're wrong they still will argue with you. If you're pretty people look at you like you're from a different planet. The school's suck and the principals are jackasses, not to mention the students. Oh, the students. Let's see, everyone is pretty much clichéd. You've got the bitchy girls that think they run the school, that they're extremely popular, and that they're the smartest and best things to ever exist. Then you have the guys that only care about sports and girls. There's really no nerds, though, 'cause no one really is that smart to be classified as one. Oh, then there are the absolute FREAKS. Sadly, I know two of them. One of those people is just off the deep end and I think will be screwed up for life. The worst part is is that he thinks he's the coolest person. The other is a psychotic lesbian chick that if you ever make friends with clings around you (she will follow you everywhere, talks to you with the voice of a two year old, and randomly hugs you). There's many more clichéd people here, but I think you get my point.
If you're Catholic people think you worship Mary and that you're Jewish. 90% of the people here are Baptist and force religion down everyone else's throats.
Definition continued:
Most of the stores are antique shops. There's not even a fucking coffee shop, well, unless you count Arabica, where it takes 20 minutes to get a cup of coffee.
The weather is cold 24/7 here. It rains almost every day of every month. And when it doesn't rain, it snows. There's about 3 days of "summer" when it's 80-85 degrees and sunny.
I have wasted 4 years of my life in Hartville,Ohio.
by brynnerox June 20, 2011
A boreing town in the middle of fuckin nowhere where a bunch Radical christains forceing their religon down kids throughts very few things have come out of this hell hole.
Hey man you ever been to Hartville,ohio?


by Johnter January 26, 2010