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A very tiny town 5 minutes from the Mexican border, where everyone knows everyone. Where my teacher was also my mom's teacher if not my teacher's mom was my mom's teacher. A town where going to the park is still fun and watching little league baseball games is exciting. A town with extremely nice people hide from the rest of the horrible world. A place where walking across town only takes 15 minutes. A place where a "get together" turns in to a HUGE party (becaues the entire high school population is only 589!)
"dude everyone knows me here in Holtville!"
by jojoEE July 15, 2008
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A small and crappy town. Everyone who lives there or ever has is a gay hiding in the closet.
You can so tell that he is gay. I bet you he's from Holtville.
by uhhey July 18, 2008

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