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-To hit that (guy and girl term only).

-Also a term for girls to be used against the opposite sex to further destroy said sexes self esteem and increase the inablility to socialize with the female sex. Must be said nice and loud to complete the humiliation.
Example 1 for "get in her panties"

Girl 1: He got in my panties last night. It was great.

Guy 1: I got in her panties last night. Wooo!

Guy 2: Dude, HER?

Guy 1: Yeah. Jealous?

Guy 2: She has herpes.

Guy 1: Oh f**k

Example 2

Stuck-up Broad: Um yeah Taylors kinda cute, but I like Big Jon... oh well i'll dump him later!

Guy: Hi, uh, I'd like to know if um, you could go to the dance, with me?

Stuck-up Broad: OMG! GET OUTTA MY PANTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Ranger Elite March 11, 2006
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