One of the most poorly understood phenomena EVER. Basically, how a girl acts when she really wants a guy. Most girls have this down to a fine art via instinct, while those who don't are the clingy types who give a man the willies. It is far better to have a girlfriend who plays hard to get than a clinger!

So basically, on the one hand, hard to get is a Machiavellian psychological tantalization technique to make the guy desire her more than anybody else, while on the other hand, it is a test to see if the guy is actually a little boy rather than a man, in which case the girl WILL blow him off and the guy will whine to everybody about how the girl is such a tease. Meanwhile, a real man will hide from everybody (except maybe his mother -- which is why mothers-in-law oftentimes are hostile to a woman!) how she's affecting him, which will only make her continue her actions. A classic example of "boiling the frog slowly".
The beautiful and intelligent Lisa thought Tim was the coolest guy in town, so she decided to marry him. Meanwhile, Tim had become extremely wary of women, as he had actually had very little luck, but had the good sense to concentrate on his work instead. Knowing that most men are afraid of marriage, she decided to hook him by playing the old hard to get game. And she used the deluxe version, by letting her chump boyfriend hang around, further decreasing his suspicions on her designs. And her teasing and withdrawing arose his primal instincts to such a degree that he found himself constrained to pursue her. Not often -- only about once a week or two -- but when he did, unlike before, there was a strange decisiveness to his act, without any creepy hesitation -- whether asking for her number, calling her, or asking her out.

The only reason he did not blow her off entirely was the fact that they actually kept progressing... two months later, he had her (real) number; two more months later, they actually went out for the first time; two more months later, they kissed; two more months, they... well, you get the picture. Tim only started to get suspicious six months after people started calling her his girlfriend. Yet Lisa actually treated him so well that he couldn't run away.

Ten years later Tim found himself with four kids and Lisa making dinner for him every evening. Lisa smirked as she gave him his favorite lasagna. Mission accomplished!
by Corvinus April 16, 2008
Top Definition
When a boy flirts with a girl, but the girl pretends to be uninterested in the boy to make the boy try harder to get the girl to like him. In most cases, it doesn't work and the boy gives up and tries to find someone less conceited and arrogant than the girl.
Sarah: Mike was like totally flirting with me last night and he's like so cute but I played hard to get and like pretended that I totally didn't care because he has to work for it you know?

Mike: So I tried letting Sarah know that I was interested in her, but she didn't seem to care so I gave up and hooked up with Jessica instead.
by Steve Cormacke April 23, 2007
A totally evil technique that girls use to hook guys for long-term (as in, "til death do us part" long-term). Unfortunately, it oftentimes works, because being direct freaks the guy out -- unless HE is desperate too -- whereas this method makes the guy want her. Also known as "tantalization", after Tantalus in Greek mythology, although strictly speaking the girl DOES plan to give it up -- but only after a term in purgatory.

Perhaps the most evil aspect of this technique is that if the guy loses it and turns needy or complains to her, she blows him off and looks for somebody else, thereby making it seem like she has been a tease all along.
Erica decided she wanted to marry Tim. Tim liked her and like a shark smelling blood, Erica could tell. But Tim didn't feel like having a girlfriend, which of course for a woman is like waving a red cape in front of the bull (or cow). So she played hard-core hard to get, working him over in ways that would make Machiavelli blush. He couldn't stand it but thought it would be wussy to complain, and that "all girls are like this anyway". Eventually, they ended up married until he died.
by BGMan April 17, 2008
Playing 'Hard-to-get' is a term frequently used by males to describe dismally failed attempts to seduce or amuse a women, and thereafter, console his battered pride.
Thabo: *texting* Hey sexyface, we should hook up sometime when you're free.

Sexyface: *replies* Hell No.

Thabo: *thinking* She's just playing hard-to-get.
by Mr_Ryt_Now November 25, 2013
When a guy is extremely nice to one girl and a complete asshole to her bestfriend. He talks to her and flirts with her all the time. Then when the time comes to ask her out, he asks out her bestfriend.
An example of hard to get:
Hey Alyssa your my bestfriend.

Courtney your a slut.

Wanna go out with me Courtney?
by theking0514 October 31, 2010
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