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sexual activity, whether it be intercourse or not
Cameron is going to have happy time with Kim.
by Wudofudo June 25, 2007
Any event or person in your life that only takes a simple thought and puts a huge smile on your face....That my friend is Happytimes!
"Hey remember those nights in Carbondale" ;)
"Oh Yeah...Happytimes. Fun...Happytimes!"
P.S. ~ Thanks Steiner!!! xoxo Muah!
by Jakara QN August 05, 2007
A time in a man's day when he becomes sexually horny and begins to masturbate
"hey man, whats up"

"hey dude, yo I brought over some playboy. and man is page 17 HH-OT!!!"

"oh shit man, its happy-time"
by kingyugi2000 August 14, 2009
Term for a college guy. Who is a pimp and always right over shane tattersall. And not a sket, nothing happened
Happy time says 'its all a conspiracy'
by Happy Tym January 26, 2009
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