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A time in a man's day when he becomes sexually horny and begins to masturbate
"hey man, whats up"

"hey dude, yo I brought over some playboy. and man is page 17 HH-OT!!!"

"oh shit man, its happy-time"
#masturbate #horny #sex #cum #sperm
by kingyugi2000 August 14, 2009
The act of eating extreme amounts of fatty food products in 5 minutes or less. An "Adib" is known to watch his friends eat through their windows, and prey upon their food while they aren't looking.
"oh man, I don't wanna finish this cake, I'm gonna get more food"

(leaves room)

(comes back and cake is all gone)

"did you just pull an "Adib"???"
#adib #stealing #pig #fat #fatty
by kingyugi2000 August 30, 2009
To hate vegetables immensly for personal or no reason at all but still eat or use them in ways in daily life.
"this broccoli is shit, I hate fucking eating it, I hate eating all vegetables"

"dude, thats some serious aggro-culture"
#vegetables #aggro #culture #aggroculture #pussy
by kingyugi2000 August 14, 2009
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