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a Beatles song that was written by Lennon, party about Yoko, and the idea came from a gun magazine with the caption "Happiness is a warm gun in your hand." Great song, period.
happiness is a warm gun. bang bang, shoot shoot.
by Cliff Dickens June 23, 2004
73 9

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A song you dont play at a murder victims funeral.
Yeah he liked the beatles, but he was killed.
by Tony ramone June 27, 2005
48 12
A song in the Beatles' White album written by John Lennon. The phrase "happiness is a warm gun" is a metaphor for "happiness is getting laid." Like a gun is warm after firing it, happiness in this song is compared to having had satisfying sexual activity.
just like the song states: happiness is a warm gun
by MintyLeila July 10, 2005
18 58