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dirty rag that you pull out of your ass to blow your nose and wipe your face, and ass
by SlasheR September 27, 2003
16 41
Mr. Hankey,
the "christmass poo" from the cartoon "south park"
Cartman: ah no it's Mr. Hankey again!
by John Brummer January 06, 2004
86 15
the process of having oral sex in a way that your genitals and your shaft are in the man/womens mouth at the same time
"so i was shagging and suddenly she...

"no way...dont tell me she...."

"she gave me a hankey"

"thats chill, your a bro now"
by a madhorney person October 25, 2010
4 3
how stupid poeple spell "honkey"
honkey, the correct way of spelling hankey, is the whitest way of saying white.
by sassy cat to chew on September 26, 2007
7 14