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Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a destructive, invasive procedure that is usually performed on girls before puberty. Part or all of the clitoris is surgically removed. This leaves them with reduced or no sexual feeling. Orgasms are sometimes impossible to experience later in life. Many health problems result from the surgery.

FGM originated in Africa. It was, and remains, a cultural, not a religious practice.

Among individuals and groups opposed to the mutilation, it is seen as a method of reducing the sexual response of women in order to make them less likely to become sexually active before marriage or to seek an extra-marital affair after marriage.

To some who promote the operation, it is seen as a cultural requirement that has health benefits and makes women more physically beautiful. These views are not shared by the rest of the world.

The operation is forced on approximately 6,000 girls per day, worldwide -- about one every 15 seconds. Since FGM is practiced when the girls are young, they are unable to give their informed consent.
by SlasheR September 26, 2003
Musical Instrument Digital Interface
by SlasheR September 27, 2003
Another word for steroids
that dumbass stupid fuckin roid-head football player
by SlasheR September 26, 2003
A member of the Ku Klux Klan
by SlasheR September 26, 2003
A popular series of video-games developed by Konami. Considered to be extremely scary and psychologically disturbing. Each installment of the series goes for a different psychologically horrifying aspect.

Silent Hill 4: The Room is going to explore the theme of one's room. Conventionally thought of as a safe place, a sanctuary, but in Silent Hill 4 the lead character is trapped in his room by chains and bolts on the door and windows.
I personally don't find Silent Hill to be all that scary. I think it's very more fun and interesting, though it does have its scary moments.
by Slasher August 14, 2004
PUN TANG (the correct way to spell it) ** pooty-pussy. Pop tha twAt!
by SlasheR September 26, 2003
The Amazing Concept of songs made By Dream Theater
Metropolis: Pt.1 (The Miracle And The Sleeper)
Metropolis: Pt.2 (Scenes From A Memory)
Metropolis: Pt.3 (Train Of Thought)
by SlasheR September 26, 2003
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