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The length of a black person's cornrows on their neck. If thier braids don't reach AT LEAST their midneck, then they have no 'hang time'. If they've been growing their hair for more than three years and don't have hangtime they need to wear weave or cut thier hair off.
'Yo, that fool been growing his hair for five years and he still ain't got no hangtime. He just needs to cut that shit off.'
by Johnny Twoguns August 02, 2004
The amount of hair left 'hanging' off the scalp after a cornrow.
That guy doesn't have NO hang time!
by LoLo December 13, 2004
The amount of time a person floats in the air. It is usually used in reference to basketball players.
The kid has crazy hang time.
by JWZY October 23, 2006
1.) The amount of time a basketball player takes to complete a slam dunk

2.) The amount of time a thrown football stays in the air

3.) The amount of time a hit baseball stays in the air
footballfan6969: OMG, check out the hangtime on that baby !!!!
footballfan696969: Whoooo that's sweet !
by handle187 November 07, 2003
The amount of time from when a fart odor is first detected until it is completely dissipated.
Geez, Bob, crack a window. That fart really has some hangtime.
by Mogirlclassof79 January 01, 2012
"Hang time" is a term used by skateboarders and snowboarders to describe the amount of air they catch off a feature.
"Hey Jeremy, I'm starting to get more hang time above the couping!"

"Did you see the air I got off that side hit? Bet I have enough hang time to do a fs 360 crail!"
by chaos1 May 29, 2012
The same basis of Milky Juice's definition, but in Football, the amount of time after the ball is punted, and before it hits the ground.
And he has punted the ball...straight into outer space! Sorry folks, we can't continue the game until the ball hits the ground and we can stop the hangtime counter, and by the looks of it, the football is heading into the sun...
by Kenthar November 07, 2003