When you place the thenar space of your hand (the area between your thumb and forefinger) up against the bottom of your breast (usually for guys) and measure how much muscle mass there is in your pectorals. usually, if you have big pec muscles, then you will have greater hang time.
Rob: Dude, I need to start working out my hang time is low

Bob: I know man, you are looking a little thin.
by Smith dog21 February 20, 2011
The same basis of Milky Juice's definition, but in Football, the amount of time after the ball is punted, and before it hits the ground.
And he has punted the ball...straight into outer space! Sorry folks, we can't continue the game until the ball hits the ground and we can stop the hangtime counter, and by the looks of it, the football is heading into the sun...
by Kenthar November 07, 2003
When a razor blade slides off over a flap of skin and lands on the other end and gives you a bad ass cut
I got a bad cut from the hang time i did when i was shaving
by armarin November 20, 2010
When a person or animal fart, and it can still be detected more than 5 minutes later.
adam just walks into a room.....
"Oh my god, what is that?"

reynold says "I farted like 10 minutes ago, but that couldn't possibly be me"

adam says "dang, you got hang time"
by frakking hack January 30, 2010
Done by mankind. ( maybe monkeys and grasshoppers and dogs ), the amount of time a living specicies has spent in the air.

john: yo man go touch the rim
bob: yeah lemme try
john: whoa man u gots the hangtime
bob:of course i been doing workouts lately
john: oh okay lemme try
bob: john u there?
bob: .... john?
by seanmacoun53535 September 13, 2006
The length of time a cum shot is in the air before it
hits the face
Peter North has the longest hang time in porn
by ungerwoo February 01, 2011
the amount a girls flaps hang from the cunt
dude, when that girl bent over she had some serious Hang Time.
by ryansmith June 26, 2010

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