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Something that people on the internet are incapable of learning.
'omg liek you suk you n00b'
'Ever heard of spelling?'
by whitetiger16 April 09, 2004
roll on the floor laughing my ass off
'whats going on??'
by whitetiger16 January 10, 2004
pages with phrases with backgrounds and soundfiles

Relies on donations from users to keep it running

same as EX. www.ohnoes.org www.thepowerisyours.org

You can create your own page if you have a phrase, background, and soundfile.
<guy> hah, ytmnd's rock
<another guy> theyre pretty stupid if you ask me...
by whitetiger16 May 09, 2004
mmm.. clear pepsi drink. Why did they stop making it!!???
(me) hey.. im buying a case of crystal pepsi of ebay!
(person i was talking to).. yeah.. but GIMME SOME!!!
by whitetiger16 August 03, 2004
Combined DNA Index System.
"I got the prints back from the serial victim"

"good, run them through CODIS"
by whitetiger16 November 27, 2004
a wicked ddr song
'Hey, what song are you playing??'
'midnite blaze'
by whitetiger16 January 10, 2004
a very very high pitched song
'wow, lovin you hurts the ears'
by whitetiger16 January 10, 2004

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