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verb: To speak disparingingly about another person. To say ill words behind someones back.
Don't shake my hand, I know you talk greasy about me and my folks.
by Ken215 June 25, 2006
Noun. A beat up car in the illadel usally a buick, osmobile or a cutty. A lil something to roll in while your on the come up
I'm gonna cop a squater; so I can stack my dough, car notes are for suckas.
by Ken215 June 25, 2006

1. Marijuna

Origin: From the modern English phrases: You know what I mean. You heard what I said. These phrases came about in the anti marijuana era. People feared speaking aloud about the illicit substance and created a high context phrase to communicate about marijuana, without drawing the attention of police within the listening area.
Yo I'm gonna pick up an eighth of that yasameanyaherd.
by Ken215 June 23, 2006
Noun. Something some one enjoys. A hobby or recreational activity
"Yo son when Steve gets of work, he likes to get blazed and play with his slot cars."

"Well that’s his twist, I cant hate"
by Ken215 June 25, 2006
To deal with some one violently for an infraction. A guy who comes at your family or lady may need to be handled.
This dude banged my man and then talked about him on my block. I'm gonna handle this dude
by Ken215 June 25, 2006

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