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the hamster version of masturbation
even though they are actually cleaning themselves, it looks more like they are pleasing themselves
Bruno: Hey man, what in the world is your hamster doing?
Alfie: Oh, don't worry about it, he's just hamsterbating.
Bruno: Gross man, you need to get him a woman!
by Hamster man November 11, 2006
the act of helping a hamster masterbate
"I had to start hamsterbating my pet hamster. He can't do it himself on account of his tiny arms and lack of thumbs."
by reaverandatlas May 05, 2010
a hairy person who masturbates
Rememba when Pat was caught by a security in da bathroom for jacking off?
-His hairy ass, dat man was hamsterbating!
by Tugboats June 11, 2006