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It is what you tell someone near a group of people that a booger in their nose is visible without letting anyone else know.
When we were talking in line, I noticed that Louis had a big ass booger in his nose, so I said to him as I slightly pointed at my nose, "There's a bat in da cave". Then he secretly picked his nose with a napkin.
#snot #booger #nose #mucus #nose-picking
by Tugboats June 05, 2006
engage in sexual intercourse
In a few weeks after I meet her, I'm gonna greeze.
#knockin' boots #f*ck #doin' the nasty #having sex #pushing
by Tugboats May 25, 2006
"Sit your ass down!" An exclamation used to tell someone to take a seat when you're trying to be funny.
"Everyone, sit down and shut up!"
-But, Mr.Carr I need to-
#sit down #stay seated #don't get out of that seat #get in a seat #sit
by Tugboats June 03, 2006
"What the fuck!" It's just another way of saying "what the fuck" in a situation that's necessary.It's usually used in a character's thinking bubble in cartoons.
"Look at that horse with the fucked up leg!"
-... W.T.F? ... Damn that's nasty!
#what the hell #damn #fuck #hell naw #what
by Tugboats June 03, 2006
guaranteed, completely certain of.
-The way this game is lookin', Kenny is guaranteed a victory.
-Of course he is, he got this one off back!
#guarantee #sure #certain #win #first dibs
by Tugboats June 03, 2006
E.T.S.(eat(s) the sack), refering to someone who engages in oral sex. For instance, a guy giving one to a female partner. The "sack" is actually the pussy.
According to what she told me about Gary, he E.T.S.
#rug-muncher #pie-eater #dirt devil #bobber #eater
by Tugboats May 28, 2006
when someone who is straight is turned into a homo.
"Remember him back in middle school wit da funny walk?"
-Yeah, he was not gay right?
"Until now bro, he was fagatized two months ago by his cousin, Douglas!"
#turned out #gay #fruity #bi #homo
by Tugboats June 11, 2006
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