'Hamo' currently cannot be defined. It can either be an insult or compliment. Originally created by an AOL user 'Halo123S' trying to insult another user. Also created the insult 'Gap'
It later became a popular term on ClubWRX.net
You hamo!
by Zapix March 26, 2004
Top Definition
Hamo is slang for a Samoan, a person from Samoa or of Samoan descent. Samoan is a polynesian language, and other dialects of the polynesian language tree substitutes the Samoan 's' with the letter 'h'. Therefore Samoa becomes Hamoa, shortened further to Hamo.
Are you a Hamo? Are there any Hamo's in the house?
by freshynz April 21, 2005
A very unfortunate situation to be born into. They are usually male, and very easy to spot. If you were to observe them on the street, you would more thank likely want to kill yourself. They snap their tongue at bugs and leaves flying by, trying to catch them in their mouth while singing Ricky Martin songs. Often times, Hamos's fill their shoes with pop rocks and then eats them during their lunch break. The majority of the time, their breath smells like a mixture of expired baby food and tar. Also, Hamos's think they are big - when in reality they are very small. If they were a car, they would be a Mini Cooper. Few things are worse than being a Hamos.
I understand that both your legs are getting amputated, but at least you're not a Hamos.
by anonymous June 20, 2011
Your average citizen of Hamilton, QLD, Australia.

They automatically become bogans when they enter another suburb, excluding Ipswich, Logan, and Gympie.
ham·o   ham-ohe
1. Informal. A person from Hamilton

"Don't be such a hamo.."
by _blank January 23, 2013
The term used to describe a game of Hide and Seek that ends up turning into a make-out session. Hide and Make Out.
"Are we really going to play Hide and Seek, or is this just going to turn into HAMO?"
by KandusKonfusion September 15, 2008
One who plays halo, the combination of halo and homo
Grown men Sleeping over one mans house but not sleeping... what a bunch of hamo's
by micro_halo_shaft_sux October 24, 2007
Hamo is a word made up when you cannot call some one a homo or a fag due to parental over sight or censorship on games. A substitute for homo.
n00bs are hamos

he is a closet hamo
by joseph October 12, 2004
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