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Used as a disparaging term for a Black person or it can be used as another way to refer to a person of African descent
Damn son, thats a fine ass koon right there!
You cheap ass koon!
#nigger #nigga #african american #black person #colored person
by Gaurav Hiranandani January 09, 2006
Means ASS in Persian. Widely being used.
BORO KOONETO BESHOOR! Go wash your ASS you dingdong!
#koon #kooni #ass #shit #goh #pokh
by steel alone November 16, 2006
a kid from twp. who gets mad booty
Your such a koons Bob.
by bob April 03, 2005
Koon - Punjanbi, Hindi & Urdu for
1. "blood" or
2. in certain contexts to committ murder
1. Mai koon pinda hoo
I drink blood

2. Tuhne odha koon kiya!
You killed him!
by fully_sikh June 10, 2005
a dirty black (everyblack is dirty)
u silly koon
#niger #black #smelly #deush #kike
by reaver retreaver September 06, 2008
Kool + soon = koon

Something that you anticipate to be cool, that hasn't happened yet.
If there's a cool (put and object you like here) that will be coming out soon you would say: "thats so koon'
#cool #soon #future #kool #mixed-word
by Amorith and Runaiko May 15, 2006
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