An ugly, unattractive, repulsive looking person
Dang! The passenger in that car next to us is definitely hammy.
by dodgerbluexiii March 18, 2015
getting a blowjob while upside down with your back against a wall
When you get a Hammy all of the blood will go to your head
by seantheoneindoyelsville August 28, 2011
Slang for Prostitute
I nailed that hammie good last night, and it only cost me a nickle.
by Don Doherty August 06, 2005
1. Pronoun. A nickname for a hamster
2. N. a hamster.
3. adj. cute. adorable.

Related Words
1. Hamson
1. N. a hamster
2. adj
1. cute
2. also a five year old version of handsom
2. Hamsonite
(see samson)

Gross, Colin Farrell, Ugly, Fabio, rectums, crack whores, policemen, peter griffin
bill: whats your hamsters name?
beatrix: hammy

your hamsonite is blind and ate its babies?
by mitchymitch5000 March 01, 2008
Noun. A hand job from a fat person.
I got drunk last night and took home a fat chick. We ate a pizza and then she gave me a hammy with her sausage fingers.

hand job fat chicks manual stimulation chubby fetish
by Axl Corn Rose April 09, 2012
n: slang term for a beer or brew, perferably in a can.
After we skiied all day, we sat in the parking lot and downed a few hammies.
by t.salted.cracka September 04, 2009
An extraordinarily delicious hamburger, one that typically involves multiple ingredients that normally aren't associated with a standard hamburger, i.e pineapples, jalapeños, sour cream, bacon (gratuitous amounts), avocado, salsa, onion rings, bbq sauce, more beef than usual, multiple types of cheese, pepperoncinis, etc.
Refer to Sammy (delicious sandwich)
Hodad's makes the best hammy in San Diego...
by Dangerous Brian January 27, 2008

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