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Trucker-speak for hurry up, give it more gas, etc. see pedal to the metal
Trucker: We're late, so hammer down.
by fizzle April 05, 2004
pentagon developed protocol referring to destroying an area to isolate an incident or event
PRYCE - If you wanna go out in this, I ain't gonna stop you. But you gotta know somethin'. The government's considering the Hammer Down protocol, which means they're willing to let this whole area go.
ROB - You mean Midtown?
PRYCE - No, I mean Manhattan.
by mike at DoD January 18, 2008
redneck/trucker slang for drive like ya stole it!
c'mon man, I gotta date tonight, quit piddlin' around...hammer down!

its 6:55 and the derby starts at 7...hammer down or we'll miss the first heat.

I just shaved and hour off of that 3 hour trip - I had the hammer down.

If yer gonna catch her before she leaves you better put the hammer down.

guy 1 - "kick this mule!"
guy 2 - "simmer man! I got the hammer down! Wer only doin a buck 10 (110mph)"
by countryboy40 March 25, 2009
A drinking call which must be heeded. When some yells this phrase, everyone within earshot of the visionary who initiated the call must finish their beverage of a delicious and alcoholic nature.
Sal yelled "hammer down" and we all finished our drinks. Unfortunately he was drinking straight whiskey, so later on he crapped on my rug and wiped his ass with my shorts.
by Wonder Weasel August 23, 2006
an expression of aggression, forth rightness, efficiency, and extreme attention to detail in getting something done. a popular phrase for sergeants that was coined by Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 303 Airframes and later spread to Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 267 Airframes division. Hammer Down serves as an adjective in the sense of describing the expiditious, dominant manner an activity is conducted or as a stand alone verb such as A) laying the fuck into somebody. B) getting shit the fuck done C) regulating on bitches like a mofo.
1. "if you need me i will be outside on the flightline putting the hammer down on shit"
2. if these Marines keep fucking up I am going to put the fucking hammer down.

3. "we have a lot of work to do if we are flying these heli choppers tonight, we really need to hammer down"
by h. d. hammerton February 04, 2011
When you level the F*** out of (lets say) a city with the largest non-nuclear armnments by carpet bombing.used as a last resort and to demorolise troops. Using heavy bombs such as M.O.A.B's. destruction brought to you by a squadran of bombers which you could not run away from.
watch clover field. in the end the repeat on the radio of a "hammerdown" procedure as a last resort to deal with the monster
by Falkon16 April 20, 2008
(V.) To chug a substantial amount of alcohol in a short period of time, thus creating a massive drunkenness; to become so shit-faced that you beat your friend to death with a hammer.
Paul, JJ, and I decided to hammer down last night. We then commenced to giving JJ's girlfriend an Alabama Hot Pocket, which she thoroughly enjoyed.
by Enrique Ledbetter February 04, 2008
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