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redneck/trucker slang for drive like ya stole it!
c'mon man, I gotta date tonight, quit piddlin' around...hammer down!

its 6:55 and the derby starts at 7...hammer down or we'll miss the first heat.

I just shaved and hour off of that 3 hour trip - I had the hammer down.

If yer gonna catch her before she leaves you better put the hammer down.

guy 1 - "kick this mule!"
guy 2 - "simmer man! I got the hammer down! Wer only doin a buck 10 (110mph)"
by countryboy40 March 25, 2009
hillbilly slang for goin relly really fast.
Did you see that Camaro pass that ferrari like it wasn't even movin...that dude was modakin.

Good thing that bear didnt have his radar on, cause I was modakin.

Football player: how bout it coach?
Coach: nice play son! you were modakin! I dont even think that D-Tackle saw ya!

by countryboy40 March 25, 2009
country slang for get a move on it son!
redneck 1: were gonna have to get a move on if were gonna make it by dark
redneck 2: kick 'dis mule!
by countryboy40 March 25, 2009

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