Vlad, the Russian of White Lake
"I do not come for to ice skate, I come for to crash," said Vlad
by Chris Justin Jeremy April 01, 2005
term used to describe a retarded guy named james dean from BSG,va that tried to rob mcdonalds and ran up a hill with the safe. he got away with it because he's partially deaf.
james dean is the hamburglar.
by ashley March 10, 2005
Cyrus Ghahremani.
Mmmm, nothing like a good ol' quarter poun---HEY! THAT LITTLE KID JUST JACKED MY BURGER! DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU!!
by Pee May 08, 2003
I cock smoking master.
That guy is a real hamburglar.
by mr.twiss October 29, 2003
Someone who tries to suck your dick in the middle of the night while you are sleeping.
I was sound a sleep last night when someone broke into my house and tried to hamburglar me!
by BlownHard April 23, 2015

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