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A person or group of people place a large order of hamburgers from the McDonald's drive-thru menu. Then, after they have paid for them, the driver looks away (preferably placing a wallet or pocketbook in the passenger's seat). While the driver is looking the other way, another person dressed in a black striped outfit runs by the window and grabs the bag of hamburgers from the McDonald's worker. Then the driver asks for his money back or another order, and the group successfully doubles their order of hamburgers.
My friends and I were starving, so we decided to use the hamburglar.
by lsdforfree December 26, 2009
1. have your sexual partner grab a handful of ground hamburger (about enough for a hamburger)
2. then he/she proceeds to jack you off with the handful of ground meat.
3. when you are about to ejaculate have him/her cover you dick with the raw meat and allow you to cum in it.
4. she then continues to make the patty and throws it on the grill for a delicious hamburger.

OPTIONAL: He/she can wear a Hamburglar suit while performing this meat-on-meat extravaganza.
All you need to do is make a patty of ground hamburger meat and think about how awesome it feels in your hands... you will yearn for The Hamburglar!! 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
by The Hamburglar Man January 18, 2009
see Ben Rothwell
man, did you see the shellacking Ben "The Hamburglar" Rothwell took the other day? that was brutal!
by dkwrtw January 20, 2010
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