A person who is obsessed with hamburgers and/or veggie burgers. So obsessed that he/she would steal them
Oh my goodness! That was my last hamburger! Joey, why would you steal that from me? You are such a hamburglar!
by Anna Mangina February 09, 2009
a fatass bitch who steals money from a little league concession stand.
That hamburglar weighs two hundred and eighty fucking pounds and stole all our damn popcorn!
by Vicki-The-Hamburglar January 03, 2010
this Person likes to Attract atTention fRom the polIce and other Casual onlooKers, by stealing My Curvasious burgers with their bright Green leAves of lettuce and plumb buNNs. The Hamburglar's favorite saying is, "Be smart, make the connections, and maybe you'll find the real Hamburglar!"
A masked, and caped night stalker who steals people food from fast food joints. This theif goes by the name of Hamburglar
by sleepingsquirrel May 04, 2009
during a hamburger, this is the person who pushes the guy on bottom out from under the girl and takes his place while she is in mid-air, flipping
damn hamburglar, i'll kill you; i hamburgled tom
by Whiksihr July 10, 2008
when a girl is getting it from behind and you pull out and make her eat her feces off your dick. Then you steal all of her hamburger helper from the pantry and DIP
I made her hamburgle me til she got tired of what she ate that morning.

She is the best hamburglar.
by The REAL Hamburglar July 19, 2010
A person with red hair.
You: "Hey, look at that filthy, soulless, ginger-pubed ranga over there!"

Educated Friend: "What, the hamburglar?"
by Daniel Rose August 07, 2007
A Hamburger stealing dickless, little bastard, that enjoys rubbing catchup and mustard all over his nipples and will most likely die a virgin unless he finds a hooker willing to have sex with him.
Aw God Damnitt, that bastard Hamburglar just grabbed that burger strait from my fucking hands.
by Congreeman Jim McDermot October 13, 2006

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