Halo 2 is a first person shooter video game, developed by Bungie Studios; it’s the sequel to the 2001 game of the year, Halo: Combat Evolved. It also has a new game engine and physics engine, which isn’t really that great. I mean, you can’t even upend a Warthog with grenades anymore, nor can you send them or other various objects soaring like you could in Halo: Combat Evolved.

Halo 2 has had over half a billion games played over the Xbox Live service. However, this does not make it a good game in fact, it’s probably the worst sequel and multiplayer game ever created, and it’s full of in-game flaws like inconsistent weapons, unbalanced maps, flawed weapons, and a melee system that doesn’t work and a terrible net code that can’t prevent cheating, even with the previous 2 auto-updates.

There is a big debate as to whether Halo 2 is a superior title to Halo: Combat Evolved. Majority of the Halo 2 fans prefer it over Halo 1, as most of the Halo 2 community have never even played Halo 1.

Halo 1 was a game based on skill and professionalism; however this is nonexistent in Halo 2. The new features like dual-wielding, energy swords, high auto-aim and the high magnetism eliminate the skill factor in Halo 2.

Many people think Halo 2 is a better game than Halo 1, these people are called ‘idiots’. Halo 2 is full of these 'idiots', 99% of whom create the Bungie.net community.

If you think you’re good at Halo 2, think again, it’s the game that plays for you. You go to melee someone and it does it for you, it aims for you, the bullets follow the target, the rockets follow the target (apart from hitting the ground half of the time), the grenades even lock on.

Halo 2 had the potential to be the greatest online console FPS gamer ever created, but it was ruined and noobified by dual-wielding, energy swords, high auto-aim, high magnetism, lunging melees and other in-game flaws that ruin the Halo experience.

Based off of the Bungie.net community, I have absolutely no hope for Halo 3.
xBRx: yu0 all suk in halo 2 without h0st LOL
Skilled person: Buddy, fuck you.
by Sheep Licker June 29, 2006
The only device ever created that can exceed the pleasure of sex. Halo 2 will be the best game ever. It is truly tEh 1337 pWnage badasstastic game. Nothing can even compare to Halo 2.
Evil Towel:You will have to choose, Towlie, between saving your friends, or playing Halo 2.
Towlie:I choose, HALO 2!
by Karl Marx November 03, 2004
The game that you got your ass kicked in by RiddlingCat AKA Alex
Fuck, Cat's good at Halo 2
by Alex April 02, 2005
Halo 2 is the pimp s3qual to halo, Halo 2 offers games such a capture the flag, jaugernaut, oddball, and Team Fucking Slayer. All these games kick some major ass.
Jason Schriber says "Quote on Quote"
to Evan long. "Man we should play some team slayer" Evan replys ahhhhlllll i dont wanna loose my dammnn rank DOOD. Jason calls PUSSAY. And i shoot him with my sward and slach him with my plasma Pistole.
by Jason March 29, 2005
The sequel to Halo, and very nearly as highly overrated as its predecessor. In both games, mediocre gameplay is complemented by equally mediocre graphics and an abysmal online community that consists mainly of eleven-year-old prepubescent fucktards, all of which have microphones that they employ frequently as a tactic to deter other players from the server, so they can feel like they're good at the game.

Around the release of Halo 2, many ignorant Halo fanboys had the gall to compare Halo 2 to Half-Life 2 in terms of quality, but they were soundly trumped after HL2 was released to massive critical acclaim.
Noobtard: Hey, I play Halo 2.
Real Gamer: Okay.
Noobtard: It's better than Half-Life 2.
Real Gamer: No, Halo is a shitty, generic shooter that never deserved the popularity it has recieved. Go stab yourself in the face and die.
by Ennuified November 26, 2006
The best game ever, it's a first person shooter, whitch offers many game types, and it has THE BEST ONLINE GAMEPLAY EVER!
Oh, god. My dick is soar...
From what?
I've been raping you too hard.
by Max February 22, 2005
A game that recently came out. its campaign is decent and clearly rushed despite THREE YEARS OF FUCKING DELAYS. the multiplayer on xbl is really fun though. Its ruining my life. Its the cause of my failing grades in school. Its like it controls my life. If there was a halo rehab center i would definetly go. I rock on xbl
Teacher: the math mid-term is tomorrow, study hard because if u dont pass it u will fail and go to summer school.

Me(at home): Ill just play halo 2 for a few minutes then ill study.

16 hours later-Me: holy shit i forgot to study.

If u wanna fight me on xbox live my gamer tag is Mazz88. Ill probably win.
by ur dads hairy nipple March 10, 2005
A good game that really was kind of a repeat of the first game with new maps and !!!OMG Dool Welding Rox0rz!!! The multiplayer is kind of cool, but is really just a barebones TFC/Deathmatch thingy.
My XBox-fanboy friend: Man, I broke up with my girlfriend 'cause she called me like fifty times when I was on Live.

Me: You're stupid.
by shafticus November 28, 2004

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