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An adjective. It means to look halloween-like.
"That pumpkin does not look very halloweeny with those pink and blue spirals painted on it."
by Casey13 October 06, 2009
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a person in highschool or older who still goes trick-or-treating instead of going to a party.
Mike: Hey is Doug going to the party?

Andrew: No. He's going trick-or-treating with his little brother instead.

Mike: Wow... what a halloweeny!
by Sakebomb October 17, 2009
Describing something with an overwhelming Halloween aesthetic.


Something that reminds you of Halloween.
That drawing of a pumpkin is pretty Halloweeny.
by Two Zac(h)s one cup October 10, 2011
empty penises
why can't goblins get witches pregant?
they have halloweenies.
by dick November 03, 2003

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