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A small icy body--usually only a few kilometers across--that orbits a star. Most comets orbit the Sun beyond the outermost planets in an enormous cloud known as the Oort cloud.
Like asteroids, comets are builders' rubble left over from the formation of the planets.
by OneBadAsp October 20, 2006
44 20
A collection of marijuana resin from its build-up in pipes and bongs that is rolled into a ball for smoking later.
Wanna smoke a Comet? Wanna do some Comets? Wanna smoke some Tails and Comets?
by Taylor Britton August 26, 2007
31 17
A chain of electrical appliance stores in the United Kingdoms. Have a record of f*cking people over when it comes to warranty & repair.
"Hey, you've got to get this on camera!"
"I can't. I sent it off to get repaired at comet"
"Wasn't that like 9 weeks ago?"
by Gimped July 04, 2005
29 16
Another word for cocaine.
Let's snort a few lines of comet.
by Skimpe September 04, 2013
10 1
When a person passes a Kidney stone when they are about to let loose into their partner.
"Dude, I was just about the jizz inside her vajayjay when I launched a comet!"
by DeLoreankid January 19, 2010
8 3
when you moon somebody and your entire ballsack shows.
comet- mooning someone and they see your nut-sack.
by Jebeh July 10, 2008
12 7
In racing, someone who starts their career with a decent win streak.
White Comet FC3S from Initial D.
by InitialD July 10, 2008
6 4