Stank-ass breath that makes you want to die. Commonly found in old people (particularly professors who drink too much coffee) and college students who don't brush their teeth and are prone to sucking too much cock.
Lordy, Bobby's halitosis was worse than usual today. He must've rolled straight in from that trick of his.
by CalvinistHobbs December 10, 2010
Top Definition
When your mouth and asshole smell the same.
by J. Michael Reiter August 15, 2003
You know when you fart and it clears an entire room, well imagine that being condensed into someone’s mouth. That is the smell of halitosis.
Philips, your breath reeks, you have halitosis
by concerned peer May 21, 2003
Stank nasty mouth-funk
Yo halitosis so bad folk look forward to yo farts
by murcury June 05, 2003
The benign form of bad breath preferable to phallitosis or breff.
Terry Smith, a very well respected Naval supply corps officer, was known for his halitosis, which was chronic, strong, and attracted buzzards and flies.
by harry flashman July 11, 2003
Disgusting breath that people always seem to have when they lean in really close and tell a secret.
"I was going to kiss him, but he had some nasty-smelling halitosis."
by Hannah August 13, 2003
Nasty breath that could knock a buzzard of a shit wagon.
My Boss has chronic halitosis. It stinks like your washroom does when you take a massive dump and then get your first look at it. In his case it is incurable.
by Maxwell Smartie June 27, 2009
The breath you have when you've just woke up. Some people call it morning breath and it smells like someone has died in your mouth.
Matthew has halitosis.
by psycho bitch March 07, 2004
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