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British description for someone who is mixed race, usually half-white, half-black. Derived from the Indian caste system for classifying society in ranks. In this case the idea being that Whites are the higher caste, and Blacks/Non-Whites are the lower caste, and therefore if you're half-white, then you are half-caste.
See mulatto, mulatta, Biracial
About 40% of children in the UK with one black parent, have one white parent. (1997)
The mixed race population in the UK grew by 75% during the 1990's
14% of the ethnic minority population in the UK is mixed race, and over half are under 16 years old. (2001)
by Mike February 12, 2004
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Basically,half caste means a person of mixed race or two nationalities.Here,it means someone that has two personalities or mixed character. Like someone who acts gud gal when at home, and acts a badass when out of home or away with friends.
Me : I could be a tomboy or a diva.....depending on my mood at the time. Farouk : That's two personalities u gt there. Me : u can say I'm half good gal,half badass. Farouk : or better still.....we can cal it half-caste
by damola March 28, 2010
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A person of deliberately neuter gender and/or sexuality, derived from Gwyneth Jones' WHITE QUEEN series.
"Dude, is that a dude or a chick?" "Yes. I mean no. Neither. Dude, these halfcastes fuck with my head."
by Sikozu Sta.-Ána September 04, 2003
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