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Nickname given to Portsmouth fans by rival Southampton fans.

Originates from the fact that, because Portsmouth is both a naval base and a fishing port, there are large numbers of horny sailors and fish (with large mouths) such as the common skate in Portsmouth, and on lonely nights at sea, the sailors would use the skate's mouth to..... yeah.
Southampton fan: I hate that Pompey skate
by anonnonononononon August 07, 2006
Seventh world religion created in the decline of Christianity in the west (people like to believe in a good/bad scenario) and this sprang up in its place.

Pretty plants = Good
People = Sin
Demonic Being = CO2 (0.03% of Surface air)

Religious events include whatever Bob Geldof is plugging, BBC 6 O'Clock News (also known as climate change service)and of course, Earth Day.
On earth day it is customary for followers of Environmentalism to rearrange the solar panels on your roof in the shape of a peace symbol, and make everyone in your household bathe in the same tub full of water, then scoop out a big pot and boil it for soup - reduce, reuse, regurgitate.

Customs include making up numbers and global warming/cooling (depending on trends) and getting all evangelical about such stuff. The sole aim of environmental groups is to keep the world 'natural', or essentially keep Africa in the dark ages.
by anonnonononononon August 07, 2006
Custom that is integral to gentrified British society - mainly because it lets you know that posh peole are out of their houses.

Hippies do not realise the importance of this aspect and the income it provides for serfs.
Fox Hunting is enjoyed by bugle players. The bugle is to signal that the family silver is up for grabs.
by anonnonononononon August 02, 2006
A state of being that everyone secretly aspires to as long as they don't have to experience it first hand.
Guy A: For my new year's resolution I vow to be one with nature

Guy B: Wow, so you're going to go without proper clothing, transport, entertainment or even shelter and exist on a diet of tree bark and bugs?

Guy A: Uh, I was thinking more along the lines of buying organic potatoes... but when you put it that way it makes my perception of nature sound flawed. I'm going to drive home now, watch TV and eat a giant take out pizza before going to bed in my comfortably heated house.

Guy B: You're welcome..
by anonnonononononon August 07, 2006
1. How not to spell 'Half Caste'

2. Has nothing to do with poety. It derives from the indian caste system
Half Cast is an example of really bad spelling
by anonnonononononon September 06, 2006
PC word for EMO

Pop-Punk = EMO
pop-punk bands are all emo
by anonnonononononon August 09, 2006
1. Idiot who THINKS he's from Ireland or (Eire). Can be found in America and some parts of England. Thinks he has celtic heritidge despite
a)not having pale skin
b)having dark hair
c)not being able to speak the language
d)not having the accent
e)having no knowledge of Irish history and thinking that ther're Irish because their surname begins with an O' or ends with '-an' eg. O'Toole, GrogAN
f)not being able to hold their drink

2. Guy from Ireland - who I have no problem with
The last irish guy I met was Liam Gallagher. He's from the same part of Ireland as me - England.
by anonnonononononon August 26, 2006

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