Half-cast is a derogatory term to describe a person of mixed race or ethnicity. It is commonly used to refer to people who are white/black. This term is incorrectly believed to have been adopted from the Indian caste system, but 'Cast' comes from the Latin castus, meaning pure, and the derivative Portuguese and Spanish casta, meaning race.
"She married a black man and has three half cast children by him."
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by EnglishTea February 22, 2012
Top Definition
A wrong way to spell Half-Caste
It usually means mixed race of any sort. It's a racial term because "caste" means pure, so if someone calls a person of mixed race "half-caste" they are calling them half pure!
There is a poem called Half-Caste but the term doesnt originate from that poem.
"Half Cast girls are pretty with caramel skin, green eyes and s "curl" hair."
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by Terrii March 16, 2008
Half cast is term used majorly in the U.K. Half cast is to be mixed race mainly meaning half black/white people. This term (shoot me if i'm wrong) orginates from a poem written about a mixed race child whom was not quite an outcast from soiciety but was half cast. intresting stuff.
"my mums white and my dad's black, i'm mixed raced dont call me half casted bitch"
by Catherine September 27, 2004
A person who has parents of different race or nationality. Eg: Asian and Latino. Asian women of this variety are usually quite attractive.
Fuck that halfcast was hot.
by Matt123456 June 18, 2005
A person who has parents of different race or nationality. Eg: English, Italian and African. People of this mixed background are normally hot.
Woah, check that halfcast.. he is haaawwwwwt.
#person #english #italian #african #hot #hawt
by robhoffman12 February 02, 2008
1. How not to spell 'Half Caste'

2. Has nothing to do with poety. It derives from the indian caste system
Half Cast is an example of really bad spelling
#half caste #mixed race #oh #ooh #oooh
by anonnonononononon September 06, 2006
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