1. A counter-part, or other half (otherwise known as a life partner), to anyone by the name of Randy. Very truly, honestly, and most dearly.

2. An extremely hyper female of the human race who has the best laugh and the perfect everything. If she tells you that she's got flaws, she's being modest. Extremely modest.

3. A time-bomb of super happiness.

4. Anyone's possible best friend.

5. A pale white girl.
Wow. Haley. Now that I've met one, I can die in peace.
by The Asian Hustla March 19, 2009
The most beyond perfect, smart, beautiful, funny, caring, kind, sweet and a very very sexy girl. She will make you smile and laugh every time you talk to her. Haley is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She has the most amazing smile. She has the most gorgeous eyes, that nobody else has.All Haley's date guys whose name starts with an M. It is just a Haley thing. Haley is always funny and can be serious at some points, but not all the time. All Haley's can make your loose your breathe so easily because they are just stunning. They are easy to fall in love with, but so hard to let go. If you have a Haley to yourself, never let her go. Haley is amazing, she's the best! I love Haley!
Ryan - You saw that girl over there?

Josh - Yeah!

Ryan - She is such a Haley!

Josh - I know!
by PublishThisPleaseeee!! July 16, 2010
she is the most beautiful girl ever. she is sorta quiet once you first meet her. but once you get to know her she will knock your socks off with her personality. she is known for going for the boys with the letters C, N, S, and D. she can get any guys she wants. also once you look at those eyes, your jaw will drop..x)
that girl is sooo hot
must be a haley
by lovethelifeimin223 November 23, 2010
the most beyond perfect, smart, beautiful, funny, caring, kind, sweet and a very very sexy girl who had ever entered my life , she makes me smile just by looking at her. Its not that shes the most beyond perfect girl in the world but its that shes most beyond perfect girl for ME. There is one thing that we have and no other couple will ever have, they will never have someone like Ivey, to love, to hold and to call them their girlfriend/wife. The first moment she had come to my life, she had swooped my heart and made me fell in love with her at first glance. She can make you smile just by looking at her smile, because her smile is so beautiful and words cannot describe the happiness she gives out. I can never forget how she made me feel so breathless just by giving me a smile. One of the numbers of most important thing she had ever taught me was: the feeling of love. I don't deserve her the slightest bit, and yet she stays be with me making me even luckyest, I Love You A Whole Ton, that no one can else's love can ever compare.
"Omggrrrr, whose that sexy angel? ^^"
*punch*"that sexy angel is my girlfriend Haley :)<3"
*starts spitting out blood and a tooth
"damn... you lucky smelling bastard"
yeah i know :) <3
"damn im bleeding, why'd you hit me so hard? >_>
"thats because shes mine and only mine forever :) <3 if you want her you have to get through me and ill never let anyone pass :)<3
by PublishhhhhIT! July 15, 2010
This girl is the best around. She is usually addicted to guys named matt. She doesnt really care what you have to say or dosent relly care about anything. She is sometimes scene and loves long relationships. She is usually friends with people named lauren or katie. She loves to be her own person and dosent like fake people
That girl is such a Haley
by matt1905 August 18, 2009
a really funny hunny that a lot of people love. she loves chuncky monkey ULTERIOR MOTIVE ummm and she is amazing. i love her.
Haley is kind of like your mother. You get annoyed with her at first but you miss her when shes gone.
by rachel jaja April 18, 2006
The most amazing girl you will ever meet. She is sweet, funny, caring, cool, and so much more! She has an amazing body. She is just so awesome that she always has a boyfriend because every time she is single, everybody wants her. She will make you smile and laugh every time you talk to her. She is the best! Haley is awesome!
Bob - You saw that girl over there?

Ron - Yeah!

Bob - She is such a Haley!

Ron - I know!
by PublishThisPlease! July 15, 2010
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