The most beyond perfect, smart, beautiful, funny, caring, kind, sweet and a very very sexy girl. She will make you smile and laugh every time you talk to her. Haley is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She has the most amazing smile. She has the most gorgeous eyes, that nobody else has.All Haley's date guys whose name starts with an M. It is just a Haley thing. Haley is always funny and can be serious at some points, but not all the time. All Haley's can make your loose your breathe so easily because they are just stunning. They are easy to fall in love with, but so hard to let go. If you have a Haley to yourself, never let her go. Haley is amazing, she's the best! I love Haley!
Ryan - You saw that girl over there?

Josh - Yeah!

Ryan - She is such a Haley!

Josh - I know!
by PublishThisPleaseeee!! July 16, 2010
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a spontanious combustion of pyscotic fusion
that girl went totally haley on her !
by haley w October 17, 2006
Awesome, amazing, spectauclar, fascinating, incredible, marvelous, shocking, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, wonderful
Wow , That Girl Sure Is Like Haley!
by Haleyyy November 27, 2007
amazing, hot, funny, nice, girl. has an amazing butt, and is all around perfect.
Guy #1- That girl is amazing over there!

Guy #2- Her name must be Haley
by dooodahh6279 March 02, 2009
Haleys are amazing girls. They are usually short, occasionally tall. They are funny, silly, and attractive; yet, smart and intellectual. This creates a well rounded personality. Haleys stand up for what they believe in and dont take bullshit from anyone. They loveee music. Haleys almost always have nice bodies. Especially with a great butt. Say what? You found one? KEEP HER.
Guy 1: HOT DAMN, she had nice ass.
Guy 2: Did you see her report card?
Guy 3: Yall have good points, bet her name's Haley.
by efferkinzie November 19, 2010
haley, the love of my life, the girl i cant seem to get over, i want so much more of her, but he is confused about love, she changes way too much to understand, she is beautiful and will always be loved no matter what,she dose her own thing, she is spontaniouse and fun, her hugs give me butter flies, her kiss nearly dropped me to my kneew,

i love you haley!
by some o h 1 o ked August 08, 2009
the fucking craziest girl in the world. If you know one go have sex with her. Unless she is your sister because only a haley would tell you to do that
god damn shes one crazy ass haley
by marshall suddick January 30, 2006
If your a Haley your probably the most beautfiul girl in the world and any guy would be lucky to have you. You usually amazing and funny at any chance you get to be and your an amazing cuddler<3 Your traits are beign small and cuter than newborn kittens. Your bf usually wants to hold you when he cant see you because your awesomeness just radiants higher than Chuck Norris and Mr.T in one room
John: I can believe he just proposed to her
Steve: Ya he told us all the time about how she was such a Haley.
by norra28 October 20, 2009

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