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Japanese term, pronounced "ha" (as in ha in harp) + "ge" (as in get); means bald but derogatory, also used to insult people in general, especially dumb or annoying people
Ass: Hey man, last night's soap opera was awsome.

Reply: shut up hage
#baldy #dumbass #prick #stupid-shit #dick
by Yuck-yucky-san December 11, 2008
It is the natural combination of hate and rage. Akin to the feeling one gets when one would like to break someone's legs and smash in someone's skull.
I got the hage for Dano.
by ASC March 07, 2005
adj., adv.
1. One who is absurd and over the top in all that he does.
2. One who manages to be demeaning to women in every possible scenario.
3. One who will someday end up in prison for a) criminal mischief, or b) aggravated assault.
4. One who would fuck a mother regardless of how attractive said mother is.
1. That guy is so hage.
2. The gentleman hagely slapped the bride's ass as she was cutting the cake.
3. That stupid hage fucked my mother again.
by JDo March 21, 2004
A guy with a dick the size of a baby that remains in a limp state.
Hagedorn. you know you who are. hages
#holy diver #counter-strike #hagedorn #caleague #cpl #sh3nl0ng
by Chris Reefer June 21, 2006
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