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General Electric - Imagination at work !
I work for GE - General Electric !
by Linkin Park September 29, 2005
Grand Exchange
A shortened version of grand exchange, in the massive popular online game runescape.
Dude playing runescape: man i need some pking shit, brb 2mins ima nip to the ge.
Other dude playing runescape: okay ill stay here and kill demons and stuff all day! ... Yay! -.-
by baleeta April 08, 2009
The chemical element germanium, with symbol Ge and atomic number 32. Germanium is used in light emitting diodes and semiconductors. It is gray in color and was discovered in Germany (its namesake) in 1886. It is solid at room temperature and standard pressure and has a valence of 4. It is stable and non-radioactive.
Germanium is awesome! Yeah, Ge!!
by matt11313601 January 01, 2012
The rank Global Elite in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Man! I was LEM before, but I ranked up to GE today!
by nottheonlytwo November 12, 2015
Grand Exchange
A shortened down version of grand exchange.
The grand exchange is a place on the massive popular online game runescape, were you buy and sell things.
zezima: im gunna nip to ge, brb 2mins.
kafluff: okay :)
by baleeta April 08, 2009
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