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Japanese term, pronounced "ha" (as in ha in harp) + "ge" (as in get); means bald but derogatory, also used to insult people in general, especially dumb or annoying people
Ass: Hey man, last night's soap opera was awsome.

Reply: shut up hage
by Yuck-yucky-san December 11, 2008
(Japanese term); slang for balls, opposite word placement from "kintama"
You hit my tama-kin you ass!
by Yuck-yucky-san December 11, 2008
(v.: intr. or reflexively transitive) to procrastinate in a way that seriously fucks you over, short term or in the long run, especially by way of meaningless activities; -tination,(n.) the act of profuctinating
I really profuctinate(d) myself last night on Urban Dictionary; I should have been writing my paper.
by Yuck-Yucky-san December 08, 2008
1. anything to do with severe and/or unslightly feces, or defecation; 2. a word to mean anything that is incomprehensible or nearly impossible to specify;3. something unfathomable and/or ridiculous, (liken to Miss USA pooping); 4. type of deadly weapon whose lethality is proportional to its fowlness; 5. some device related to or used in defecation; 6. emphasis of insignificance
1. I cannot believe the size of the pootron in that toilet. 2. What you speak of is nonsense, a "pootron", so to speak. 3. Her face was of pootron design. 4. Pootron bomb. 5. You are a pootron hole; Release some pootrons (i.e. "drop some kids off at the pool") 6. "Neutron in the pootron", meaning something like "a drop in the ocean"
by Yuck-Yucky-san December 08, 2008
Japanese term, pronounced like "auna" but without the elongating "u" sound; means hole in general, but can be slang for all kinds of holes, especially sex-related; added after "ketsu" to mean asshole
I like to stick it in the ana

by Yuck-yucky-san December 11, 2008
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