A special attack introduced in the popular fighting game "Street Fighter" made by Capcom and has since become a staple to the series. It is known to be used by Ryu, Ken, and Akuma. A similar strike can be performed by Dan as well.
The attack itself is a projectile of fire/ether emitted from its casters palms and travels in a forward direction.

Hadouken can also refer as a social status designating your cool credibility.
I will spam my hadoukens across the stage so you can't come near me!

Eddy is soooo hadouken for pimp smacking that girl when she cheated on him. He is so down-right fierce!
by Alexis Monsivaiz January 01, 2009
Top Definition
A Manifestation of ones ki, In this case in a fireball-like form. Exhibited in the street fighter series by characters such as ken,ryu,sakura,akuma,dan(to a lesser extent) and so on. In the true street fighter canon,it is said that the temperature can be anywhere from a "cold bath" "to a hot bath" in which the heat of the hadouken plays a small part in the damage aspect. it is the actual force of the energy that does that damage. So it feels like a "super hard punch".
Sakura's hadouken is the temperature of a tepid bath.
by nick harmer August 28, 2005
Hadouken! can be applied to one of the following;

a) a new rave band based in London.
b) a fire-ball like move from the game street fighter 2, probably the most famous computer game move EVER.
a) E.G myspace.
by Gangster Jim yo January 24, 2007

A special fireball-type attack performed by Ryu, Ken, Dan, Akuma, and that one girl that idolizes Ryu in Street Fighter 2-Alpha 2 and on.

Performed using a quarter circle on the control pad:

Down, Down-Left, Left, Punch. If comboed correctly, you can daze your opponent, and close in for a Dragon Punch.
"Dude! Quit Hadoukening me! It's making me off balance!"
"Block one then."
by Link Aurilius October 16, 2003
an ejaculation so powerful that knocks the intercourse partner out; hadouken usually occurs after a long period of no sexual activity. The ejaculation is sometimes accompanied by the male shouting "hadouken".
-"hey dwayne, wanna go running?"

-"no i can't, i am actually sore from last night; i fell off the bed after I got a hadouken "
by nik21 February 04, 2009
Very very very cool and also awesome band from Leeds.
Members: James, Alice, Nick, Chris, Pilau

They are also Xtremely good live.
1: I am going to see Hadouken! tonight! Yeah!
2: ok.
by Hadouken!Fan May 13, 2008
1. Literally meaning surge fist in Japanese. A special attack in the game Street Fighter. It's a ki blast and can be executed by pressing down, downright, right, punch. It's a move that most shotos have.

2. What they call me cause I'm DOWN-RIGHT FIERCE
Ryu: Hadouken
by HerdBerd June 07, 2009
an awesome english band... generally called indie but there are heavy rave and grime influences in there music especially in "that boy that girl"
indie person: yea did u c the hadouken that boy that girl promo music video? it was so deck..
non indie person: isnt hadouken a move in mortal kombat or something
by franz discotheque April 12, 2007

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