The act of having unprotected sex and, without warning the partner, screaming "HADOUKEN!" during the moment of climax.
Her: "Oh yeah, baby, cum with me now!"
Him: "I've almost reached my limit!"
Her: "I'm cu-"
Him: "HADOUKEN!!!"
Her: *Punches him in the balls* "You jackass!"
Him: "lol, ow..."
by Ryu-sensei November 05, 2011
The hadouken, originally Ryu's special move in Street Fighter, is now an intricate sexual move involving a can of hair spray, a Zippo lighter, and an orgasm.

Directions: While doing a girl from the back, right as you orgasm you have to line up the Zippo with the hair spray, thus spraying a large fireball toward the back of her head. At the moment of incineration, you must yell out "HADOUKEN"!
"Hey dude, where's your girl??"
"Oh, she's still in the hospital... I totally gave her a hadouken last night!"
"Oh snap, does she have any hair left??"
by Dr. Nofelgood September 18, 2009
A) Literally "wave motion fist," the hadouken is a special move utilized by the likes of Ryu, Ken Masters, Akuma, Sakura Kasugano, and Gouken. It is executed through channeling the ki into your fists and releasing it into a ball of energy from there. Dan Hibiki has a weaker variant of this move, called the Gadouken, literally "self taught fist." QCF+P!

B) Some lame rock band from England that couldn't come up with an original name.
a) Spam Hadoukens, Win Game


Ken: Hi, Ryu!


b) Don: There's a band named "Hadouken?" That's sweet!

Belle: Hell no, that's lame. I suppose now there'll be other bands called "Shoryuken!" or "I'dLikeSomePoundCake!" or however the hell that last one is pronounced.
by Jack Spearow May 05, 2010
a manifestation of one's ki used to attack by bending the space around him through subconscious brain wave patterns.
by Anonymous July 01, 2003
Often used as a greeting in place of the usual "Hello" but is especially used to convey intense feelings of lust when first seeing a particularly attractive member of the opposite sex
"Hadouken to you sir"

"Hadouken!" (pronounced like Leslie Phillips when he says 'well hello')
by Polish Jew August 30, 2007
A move from street fighter video game. The main character Ryu had invented the hadouken to protect all citizens from the forces of evil and mercenary armies. Ryu was a master of karate who joined up with a band of freedom fighters to protect and same the world from evil humans and spirits called akuma. In order to defeat these enemies Ryu created the hadouken to combat their spiritual powers and even sometimes cancel all of their abilities in general. PRetty much one of the most powerful moves in the street fighter genre or series if yopu want to call it that. Also recently the hadouken has been used in multiple of other fighting games and has been mentioned in several movies, some made from the series and some make a play or joke of it. Also Hadouken is also a very large Call of Duty clan.
Dude Ryu just used the hadouken to smash Commander Sheppard's dick.

Combo: XXBXA on X-box 360 creates the ultimate Hadouken to slay your enemies.
by The Flying Space Chimp October 15, 2013
When one is fisting a partner and one hand is already inside the ass/pussy and the other hand is worked in along side it. You then work both arms in and out at the same time like the motion Ryu performs in the Street Fighter series. Can be seen in the 70's porn titled "Candy Stripers". HADOUKEN may or may not be yelled as the moved is performed.
fisting, double penetration, Hadouken
by japanda82 January 28, 2012

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