According to the average person born in the 21st century; stealing a person's phone or other personal electronic device and uploading to their social media.
Facebook User A: "I'm gay"

Facebook User A: Sorry guys, my friend was "hacking" (took my phone and uploaded this status to) my Facebook.
by cardinalbathtowel June 19, 2016
Making weird status on someone who forgot to log off their facebook account
Girl: I just hacked his Facebook account!
Guy: Wow! When did you learned hacking?
Girl: I didn't. He just forgot to sign out after using my laptop.
Guy: ...
by Pyromania August 28, 2011
Hacking is willful act of gaining unauthorized access an information system using a digital device online or offline.
Hacking is unauthorized access the computer system
by s j tubrazy September 23, 2014
A hacker is someone specialised with computers, they don't even have to know how to hack (though alot do because they find security holes).

A cracker is someone who breaks into computers
Linus Torvalds is a great hacker

Kevin Mitwick was a great cracker
by ReVoLT March 21, 2005
Replacement for "fucking" used by youtube star Fred.
Fred-"I hope my mom doesn't hacking ground me, cause thatd be hacking retarded!"
by blahblahblahchica3 April 01, 2009
To emphasive a different word, or replace the word really.
He makes me so hacking mad!
Thats so hacking awesomist!
Are you hacking kindding me?
by Julia~Gulia October 23, 2007
Unlike cracking, hacking represents 'good guys' but cracking is just another way around.
A hacker is hired, a cracker is arrested
by analycer April 21, 2004
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