The illegal penetration of a persons' body or possessions by an individual or individuals either themselves or by use of tools.
Rupert Murdoch was arrested for phone-hacking performed by The News of the World. Judge Albert S. Pat Murdoch was arrested for person-hacking a prostitute.
by MrJeremyT July 20, 2011
Something that means very used on Fred Figglehorn's popular YouTube videos.
You're so hacking mean Kevin
Judy is so hacking hot
I was a hacking awesome tree in Grease
Fred is hacking awesome
Kevin you are so hacking fat
Kevin is fatter than a gorilla, so hacking true!
Judy is so hacking bratty
Hacking awesome!
I hacking love Judy
I did a hacking good job as a tree!
I forgot my hacking meds!
Where are my hacking meds??
I need my hacking meds!!
My mom is hacking out of rehab!!
I hacking very strongly dislike my grandma!!
by Loliver-lover February 24, 2009
A word like 'flipping', just sounds cooler. Most got it from Fred on jkl youtubes big scorers.
David: "Hey, you think those new jackets look cool!"
Ben: "I know! They're hacking awesome!!
by Krissy Is Hacking Awesome February 27, 2008
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