Someone who plays jokes on some guy with his compu8ter ;p
i pwn you all and we don't t41/< 113/< th15
by mari0 August 18, 2003
there are 2 classifications of hacker. the first is one who is innocent in his/her actions - not really destroying computers, but rather just having an extreme interest in computers. the second kind is malicious and likes to attack poor, harmless computers.
1. he's a hacker cos he spends 28 hours a day on his box
2. man, a hacker just gave me a trojan so now he's got all my vital info
by unusu-al May 10, 2003
noobies who use programs to cheat on online games such as starcraft, counterstrike, warcraft, etc. etc.
"You hacker! i know ur hacking! leave before i call the admin! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
u wont get this quote unless youve seen the flash vid with it
by Totallybastos March 14, 2005
Background:The word came about when somebody noticed that some college students were "hacking" away on they're keyboards.

1.A person who knows very much about certain operating systems. They usually use exploits, or glitches in the systems to get in, but sometimes will socially engineer somebody else into giving them access.

A hacker feels the need to explore, and more often then not, the need to be better then everybody else. (thus the phrase "f33r my 1337 ski115")

The peak of an exploration is when the hacker obtains super-user status, which means they have access to everything on the computer.

2.Somebody who uses their programming knowledge to change and alter computer programs to do what the want. See cracker.
Jimmy hacked a server in Japan and got super-user status.
by zeu5 July 23, 2004
1. a taxi driver

2. a sloppy or inefficient computer programmer

3. someone who breaks into a computer electronically
The some of the computer worms left computers open to hackers and other worms.
by Light Joker February 09, 2005
Someone with poor or undeveloped skills. Often mistakenly used to describe criminals (computer "hackers" broke into the mainframe).
By shooting 123 on the front nine, Julio proved to be a true "hacker" on the putt-putt course.
by Yul June 04, 2003
A person or persons who are unclean, dirty, let their dogs shit everywhere without cleaning it up, leave dirty rubbish outside their door for days to fester and their home smells of shit.

my neighbours laura and Jason are hackers
by toot toot July 21, 2006

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