Person or Persons who persue a goal, with little thought or care to his/her or others well being. Risking pain and humilliation. After the person has successfully completed their aim. They are then a hacker, for Daring to do it. However, if the person does not complete what they set out to do or back out, they are considered a non-hacker.
1. Kris- "hey luke, you coming to that party tonight?"
2. Logan- "yeah, go on luke, hack it out!!!"
3. Luke- "o, i dont no guys, im a square and im really tired, ive got work at like 3 in the afternoon tomorrow."
4. Kris and Logan- "NON-HACKER!!!!"
5. Josh- "Go on Luke ive got 15 cans and gonna drink 'em all"
6. Kris- "Josh, you hacker"
by Sam and Kris December 21, 2006
1. A ronin (masterless samurai) who swashbuckles through cyberspace battling security systems in order to liberate imprisoned data.
2. A criminal, dangerous to civil order and accountancy.
3. A lonely, housebound 15-year-old who wants to run free through fields of pure information.
System administrators constantly need to defend against the insurgence of hackers.
by konholio February 14, 2005
Prolly one of the best computer based movies i have ever seen...Angelina Jolie is the best !!!
Hackers has the best sountrack
by Andreid June 06, 2005
This is what a noob, or someone who sucks at the particular game they are playing, will call anyone who owns them like the whiny bitches they are as an attempt to make them seem like they don't suck as much as the do at the game.
WhinyBitch:u hacker try plyin witout haking
Wombatt:Try learning to spell noob.
by Galen Flynn February 10, 2004
It's the excuse given by weaker gamers to help them cope with their flagrant lack of talent. It is not the question of cheating or anything involving haxing by itself...but just another way of putting into words... " OMFG, that guy can headshot a nazi squirrel four miles away from Allie spawn."
#narf #affliction #ck #highvoltage #lqd #wsw...

by Pr1me August 16, 2003
A pet or friend who coughs up hairballs.
Fluffy was a longhaired Persian who was also a hacker; the relationship was illfated.
by harry flashman August 03, 2003
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