Someone who likes to break into to others peoples things, personal files, and/or porn passwrods because it produces what we call in the "normal world" an orgasm like feeling.
Oh yeah, i just read your e-mail.... I... I gotta go to the bathroom.
brb 5 min.
by B2theIzzo June 09, 2003
1 w|-|0 |)035 |\|07 5p34|< l1|<3 7|-|15
John-boy is elite because he doesn't 5p34|< l1|<3 7|-|15.
by dx2 May 27, 2003
Someone who derives the purpose of hardware and software from its intended use through reverse-engineering or exploiting digital ignorance. There are three types.

White-hats: Hacking for the good. (Goverments, FBI, etc.)

Grey-Hats: Hacking against the law, but for the people. (Think Anonymous.)

Black-Hats: Hacking against the law, for financial or intellectual gain.
Average: Dude, did you hear about the hackers?

Hacker: The Sony security was shit.
by Phexion January 08, 2015

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