a mother fucker that cant fight
i'll get you , ill go into your computer and delete files , rah im so bad... meet you so you can smash me? what do you mean you dont care if i crash your computer COMPUTERS ARE THE WORLD... WHAT DO YOU MEAN IM A FAT GEEKY PUSSY! ILL HACK YOU...

Ill hack you all , with an axe.
by AJM March 14, 2005
A person who has no life and thinks its cool to mess up a computer of the typical hard-working man.
I took that lowsy hacker into my backyard and stabbed him cuz that's what should happen to all hackers cuz they SUCK
by DoPe FeE August 19, 2004
Someone who likes to ruin sites
I am a hacker, I know everybody's password at gametalk.com

Go there, it's really fun to hack and mess up if your a hacker. ;P
by hexaGonmaN April 27, 2004
Someone who likes to break into to others peoples things, personal files, and/or porn passwrods because it produces what we call in the "normal world" an orgasm like feeling.
Oh yeah, i just read your e-mail.... I... I gotta go to the bathroom.
brb 5 min.
by B2theIzzo June 09, 2003
1 w|-|0 |)035 |\|07 5p34|< l1|<3 7|-|15
John-boy is elite because he doesn't 5p34|< l1|<3 7|-|15.
by dx2 May 27, 2003
1) A person who uses his computer knowlegde to their advantage
2) A person who thinks they're awesome if they annoy the crap out of people in games by using cheat engine
3) A person who is really talented at a game (mostly referred to as "hacker" by jealous people.
1) The hacker got access to all the protected files
2) OMG dude you are hacking the score can you pl0x give me some points too?
3] This dude no scoped me 3× in a row. Je must be a hacker. I am sure.
by CyrinPlays May 22, 2015
One who has a special ability (but doesn't think so) to hack codes and collect confidential information.
One that can do acceptionally anything with codes and computers.
Very intelligent people who can probably exceed in skills such as Mathematics,Art,And technology.

Most hackers are lonely (have no friends) some hack for fun some hack to get revenge.
WHOAH dude look at this awesome hack that I made!(is talking to computer)
Aww I forgot to put in the dang graphics.
I think I'll call this one the Gibson File.(hacker)
by 73ThunderBird March 17, 2015

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