a loser geek with no life who has nothing better to do than break into other peoples computers and try to steal their information. usually heavy set, unnatractive, no friends etc. misuses the computer to do malicious activities instead of somthing useful like research on things that matter instead they waste their time trying to get into others computers
Use the computer for what its meant for
what a stupid hobby- but hey if thats ur thing than whatever
look at that loser tryin to break into other peep computers- guy is sad. he calls himself a hacker , he should just call himself dork or loser
by ELMO February 24, 2005
A person who always gets beat up for being a nerd so turns to his computer because it's his only way to get back at the world. Generally makes himself feel better by hiding behind a computer screen and attacking like a wussy.
That hacker messed up my computer. Then I went over to his house and beat the shit out of him.
by jizzmasterxxx October 03, 2005
Someone who plays an online computer game better than you
me not you
by booda January 06, 2004
a hardcore computer internet geeb whos uses their computer internet to geeb to other people about their lack of friendship ( other than their beloved computer )
Nambour people AKA hardcore Nambour high school students AKA hacker into mainframe and crash it hardcores AKA eibe
by Reccomend-for-deletion June 08, 2003
a mother fucker that cant fight
i'll get you , ill go into your computer and delete files , rah im so bad... meet you so you can smash me? what do you mean you dont care if i crash your computer COMPUTERS ARE THE WORLD... WHAT DO YOU MEAN IM A FAT GEEKY PUSSY! ILL HACK YOU...

Ill hack you all , with an axe.
by AJM March 14, 2005
A person who has no life and thinks its cool to mess up a computer of the typical hard-working man.
I took that lowsy hacker into my backyard and stabbed him cuz that's what should happen to all hackers cuz they SUCK
by DoPe FeE August 19, 2004
Someone who likes to ruin sites
I am a hacker, I know everybody's password at gametalk.com

Go there, it's really fun to hack and mess up if your a hacker. ;P
by hexaGonmaN April 27, 2004

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