Hackers, like myself, enjoy the challenge of overcoming limits placed upon them. Hackers are proud of what they do and want it to be associated with their real names rater than being childish and hiding behing screen names. The point of hacking is that you must have a reason for doing it rather than just mindlessly destroying things.
Hackers do not use hacking tools made by someone else without a full understanding of waht the program does anyone who does this is known as a script kiddie.
Kevin Mitnick worlds most famous hacker who got caught.
by Forcemaster August 06, 2004
What people consider themselves just because they know basic computer programs. Using dumb terms like "leet" doesn't make you a hacker
The average hacker probably wouldn't refer to themself as a hacker.
by Lucy November 08, 2004
A term given to a player of an online multiplayer game eg: Counter Strike, Halo etc, defining someone who owns everyone and obviously has altered the coding of the game to give them an unfair advantage over everyone else. Usually mistaken for someone who is actually alot better than the people who are playing against him/her and have nothing better to do than brand them a cheater instead of actually playing better at the game
Blue_587: Your a hacker Grey!!
Grey_724: It's not my problem im better than you
Blue_587: I shot you 4 times!
Grey_724: It takes 6 shots to kill someone!
Blue_587: But you killed me with one shot!
Grey_724: I used a rocket launcher you goose!!
by Baz85 October 26, 2007
Someone who really, really sucks at golf. Not neccesarily a noob. There are people who have been playing golf for years and are still hackers.
Everyone starts as a hacker but all hackers should stick to cheap hacker courses and not go to good ones because they spoil it for the good players.
See that dude over there with the rental clubs and his visor on backwards?

Yeah, what a freakin' hacker.
by 69king December 02, 2004
A person specializing in hard programming languages, such as C++ or C#. Not to be confused with cracker, which is a person who intentionally breaks into other computers and destroys data.
I am a hacker, but not a cracker.
by Matt Vessey July 09, 2004
Person or Persons who persue a goal, with little thought or care to his/her or others well being. Risking pain and humilliation. After the person has successfully completed their aim. They are then a hacker, for Daring to do it. However, if the person does not complete what they set out to do or back out, they are considered a non-hacker.
1. Kris- "hey luke, you coming to that party tonight?"
2. Logan- "yeah, go on luke, hack it out!!!"
3. Luke- "o, i dont no guys, im a square and im really tired, ive got work at like 3 in the afternoon tomorrow."
4. Kris and Logan- "NON-HACKER!!!!"
5. Josh- "Go on Luke ive got 15 cans and gonna drink 'em all"
6. Kris- "Josh, you hacker"
by Sam and Kris December 21, 2006

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