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A hacker can be your key to an instant promotion, or a humiliating defeat. They sometimes claim to be part of MLG. This may very well be true, but all that means is that hackers consider themselves professionals. If you're lucky enough to play a generous hacker, you could level up through 2 prestiges in one match.
Some damn hacker fucked up all my weapon classes and changed their names!
by Sgt. Woods January 22, 2011
The cunt that ruins every online game invented.
They tend to waste 90% of their time in their mom's basement finding ways to hack mw2 or gta4 ruining the fun for everyone rather than getting a girlfriend or just playing the game. Also, sometimes hacks websites or even bank accounts instead of getting a job. See Loser
Hacker: Lolololol instead of me going outside ima h4x gta4 and 1 hit everyone. LOL!

Dumbass: WTF? H4X!

Personwithlife: Yawn* I'm done *Logs off
by frogbootycheekz December 25, 2010
the biggest scrub known to man who drives a mini van and like penis in his ass (even likes to have anal sex with his gay brother)
Hey do you see that hacker he should probably kill himself
by Dylhole September 27, 2010
Someone who's kicking your ass, that you call a hacker.
Call of Duty MW2, He got a headshot <Hacker.
by MywordisLAW January 27, 2010
Seen at the top of the technological heirarchy, a person fully capable of using a computer to the fullest extent, and knows at least three programming languages without having to refer back to a tutorial, and has done at least one recognizable thing with them.

Not to be confused with cracker. While a hacker may have the capacity to gain unauthorized access to a computer, he/she will only do it to expand the boundaries of knowledge and promote virtue, while a cracker will destroy the results of a hacker.

It is unorthodox to consider yourself to be a hacker, rather than be considered a hacker by other hackers.
"Change 'document.alert()' to just plain 'alert()'. You don't need the 'document' to call the string."
by Relentless February 13, 2005
An MIT word that describes pranksters.
In MIT talk, hackers are really known as crackers
Dude, did you see the latest hack?
Hackers put a huge dick on the Great Dome
by George March 08, 2004
One who enjoys or is profecient at using a computer. A hacker may occasionaly curcumvent security measures out of curiosity, but becomes a cracker when he starts destroying data or causing trouble.
I am a computer hacker.
by the hacker April 21, 2003