1. A person who has generally high computer programming knowledge and knows their way around various computer programming languages.

2. Also used to address malicious computer criminals.

3. Further misused by retards who don't know anything about technology.
"Bob is a good software hacker. He really knows all the ins and outs of Windows based software."

"Malicious software hackers from all around the world cause a serious threat to various systems on the internet (i.e. Copyright and Account/Computer security)

"HAI GUYZ I POOPED, HA HA, HACKED! We're such good hackers *High five*"
by pozhinat November 27, 2011
Someone who specializes in finding exploits in computer systems. There main goal is to gain unauthorized access to networks and systems, usually in order to gain further information about the network. They are technical experts and usually highly advanced programmers.

There are 2 types of hackers: black hats and white hats. Black hats are the 'bad guys' while white hats are the 'good guys'. Black hats hack for there own needs, such as stealing money from someones credit card over the internet. White hats get paid to find exploits in programs and websites and then tell the company about them so they can fix them.
A hacker broke into a federal bank and stole $50,000.
by KuRupt Virus October 31, 2010
A person using his abilities to get unauthorized acces to data.
This guy is such a hacker, he got into my facebook account!
by JesseRIU March 13, 2015
A hacker can be your key to an instant promotion, or a humiliating defeat. They sometimes claim to be part of MLG. This may very well be true, but all that means is that hackers consider themselves professionals. If you're lucky enough to play a generous hacker, you could level up through 2 prestiges in one match.
Some damn hacker fucked up all my weapon classes and changed their names!
by Sgt. Woods January 22, 2011
A person skilled with the use of computers that uses his talents to gain knowledge. There are three classifications of hackers:

White-hat (Hacking to find weaknesses in s7stems so that they can be fixed quickly)

Black-hat (hacking for the enjoyment of exploration, and usually the people who make viruses and destroy people for no good reason see Anonymous)

and Grey-hat (someone who hacks so that they can blackmail others into paying money to get there stuff back)
Hey, i am a black hat hacker derp....

Go to hell B!tch
by Electron! May 22, 2012
The cunt that ruins every online game invented.
They tend to waste 90% of their time in their mom's basement finding ways to hack mw2 or gta4 ruining the fun for everyone rather than getting a girlfriend or just playing the game. Also, sometimes hacks websites or even bank accounts instead of getting a job. See Loser
Hacker: Lolololol instead of me going outside ima h4x gta4 and 1 hit everyone. LOL!

Dumbass: WTF? H4X!

Personwithlife: Yawn* I'm done *Logs off
by frogbootycheekz December 25, 2010
the biggest scrub known to man who drives a mini van and like penis in his ass (even likes to have anal sex with his gay brother)
Hey do you see that hacker he should probably kill himself
by Dylhole September 27, 2010
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